Nabori – August 23th, 2017

The concert venue opens at 5:30 p.m., show starts at 6:30 p.m.
Nabori 071216.png

Since 2006 Naborí has remained true to its original mission; to create and perform original salsa in the tradition of the Salsa explosion of the 1970’s.

Naborí’s first production, released late 2008, titled “Historias Del Barrio” kick started a revival of original salsa recordings in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. This album captured the essence of classic salsa with eight original compositions drawn from the powerful stories found in the Latin American experience. “Historias Del Barrio” was well received both nationally and internationally and helped establish Nabori as an emerging power in the American Midwest’s salsa scene. The album received praise from dancers and music industry professionals from Chicago to Cali, Colombia.

The bench mark established by Nabori’s first recording fueled the band’s pursuit of greater achievement. The album “De Nuevo En El Solar” released in 2013 is the fruit of this effort. This 8 song recording shows a higher level of musical sophistication by Nabori. The still powerful stories are now told over arrangements by the likes of pianist Andy Guzman (Mulenze) and Venezuelan pianist Willie Melo that underscore Nabori’s well thought out evolution. This album promises to fuel the band’s growth as a regional/national salsa powerhouse.

Nabori has already been featured in international venues such as the Nuyorican Cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico and regional venues such as The Chicago International Salsa Congress, The St. Louis Salsa Congress, and the electrifying Voodoo Lounge in Kansas City, MO; However, Nabori continues to set higher standards with every performance as it continues to carve out its place in the Salsa music industry.

People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or a blanket. Parking is allowed on the North side of Martin Luther King Drive.

Lincoln Park Live! Music Series is a Mahone Fund Production.