City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts letter of support to Lincoln Park Live!

Commission on the Arts LincolnParkLiveMay 16, 2016
TO: Lincoln Park Live Steering Committee
FROM: City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts

The City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts would like to extend our support to your efforts as you move forward with your plans for Lincoln Park Live 2016. This is a great example of bringing arts and creativity into the lives of residents and youth, enriching communities and neighborhoods in Kenosha. We, acting as a City Commission, are glad to attend the events and promote the events through our respective networks to broaden the base of attendance and the reach of your programs.

The Commission will promote the event through its nine represented agencies to encourage new partners and collaborations to step forward and participate in the events. These include; Kenosha Unified School District, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Carthage College, Gateway Technical College, Kenosha Area Business Alliance, Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, and members at large representing University of Wisconsin-Extension, Musicians Assisting Advancing Music and the Kenosha Community Foundation. While we are sure that the Mahone Fund has connections to many of these organizations, we believe our Commissioners can strengthen those ties to influencers who can bring people out to the events.

We also look forward to hosting our quarterly Networking with the Arts event at Lincoln Park on July 13, bringing our Commission’s connections to arts, culture and creativity into your program.

We are excited about this collaboration and wish your steering committee the very best this summer season.
Thank you,

Amy Greil, Chairperson
City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts